1. Aboutus

    1. Dr. Ben Mahdavian, President

      Dr. Ben Mahdavian, holds an M.B.A. degree in finance and a doctorate degree in Public Administration. He has enjoyed his 30 years of professional and academic experience in the field of leadership, management, accounting and financing. He is currently an active Adjunct Professor of California State University, Los Angeles, in Department of Management, and other colleges. As a founder and President of PBS, INC he is well competence in following areas; High rank specialist in accounting and a dominated financial statements analyzer. Real Estate expert and successful negotiator in the field of real estate. Mortgages adviser and facilitator . Business Engagement in respect of business plan, cash budget, and other business tools. Marketing Savvy to define innovate, map, and actualize equitable solutions that generate immense wealth across operations. Deftly influencing and negotiating at the highest levels. Ethical adviser with unwavering integrity. Extracting maximum value from project teams and all stakeholders. New Business Establishment and a small business designer. A true persuasive coach and leader specialized in Management, Leadership, Human Resource, change management, and cross-organizational cohesion through positive directional leadership.