1. PBS Real Estate

    1. At PBS Realty, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate our clients situation to determine what kind of assistance is needed. We gather in-depth information about our clients which includs real estate and buying/selling property. Even bitter-sweet experiences of a real estate or financial nature are important in order to determine the client financial level and risk tolerance. Determining with the client the primary and secondary objectives which are to be attained is our priority. Unlike selling or purchasing which has only one specific outcome "to close a sale", our consultation is based on the premise that each client is different and eventually the objectives she/he seeks is different. Additionally a very close consideration on each consumer's situation in light of multiple ways objectives could be reached. Then we determine the best approach to take to move toward our client desire and end result in a timely and cost-effective way. PBS Realty has provided brokerage and consulting services to investors, property owners, developers, and merchant home builders for past 20-plus years. Additionally, as a real estate expert have performed expert services in southern and central California. One of our objectives is to create a win/win situation for the profession and consumers alike. One of the key components of our mission is to make the real estate process more transparent to consumers educate them and let them choose which services they want and pay what those services are worth unbundling real estate services in an a la carte fashion.